Monday, November 26, 2012

Good governance: Charles Phillips and serving government’s needs

Charles Phillips, Infor’s Chief Executive Officer, may find certain similarities between running a business and running the government. Granted that the differences between both sectors run infinite, certain elements in execution remain to be the same. For instance, both sectors require efficient administration and round-the-clock availability.

Just like the private industries, public services encompass almost all of modern life. From health and employment to the administration of motor vehicles and construction, government functions to keep society and nations moving forward at an uninterrupted pace. Just like businesses, these functions should be backed with powerful solutions that simplify processes and promote systemic efficiency.

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Charles Phillips would recommend Infor’s public sector software solutions for the government’s administration needs. Crunching vast amounts of data is just among the many responsibilities of government for everything and everyone in its jurisdiction. The government often carries records from every aspect of a person’s life, from birth, vehicles, marriages, lawsuits, and criminal records up until death records.

And then there are matters of public funds and resources, which may be disbursed or transferred but should nonetheless be accounted for. These voluminous amounts of data need to be processed in order to address the needs of governance faster and better.

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Infor’s public sector solutions help simplify the overall management processes and government, and everything else follows after. Constituents’ needs are better analyzed and addressed through stored information, while systems integration facilitates coordination among various government offices.

The arranged information may thus act as tools for analyzing the needs of a community, and where in the heart of the matter lies. Infor’s system provides support at every level, from state and local governments to the federal government, and across several areas, including utilities, education, and regulatory agencies.

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