Monday, November 26, 2012

Good governance: Charles Phillips and serving government’s needs

Charles Phillips, Infor’s Chief Executive Officer, may find certain similarities between running a business and running the government. Granted that the differences between both sectors run infinite, certain elements in execution remain to be the same. For instance, both sectors require efficient administration and round-the-clock availability.

Just like the private industries, public services encompass almost all of modern life. From health and employment to the administration of motor vehicles and construction, government functions to keep society and nations moving forward at an uninterrupted pace. Just like businesses, these functions should be backed with powerful solutions that simplify processes and promote systemic efficiency.

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Charles Phillips would recommend Infor’s public sector software solutions for the government’s administration needs. Crunching vast amounts of data is just among the many responsibilities of government for everything and everyone in its jurisdiction. The government often carries records from every aspect of a person’s life, from birth, vehicles, marriages, lawsuits, and criminal records up until death records.

And then there are matters of public funds and resources, which may be disbursed or transferred but should nonetheless be accounted for. These voluminous amounts of data need to be processed in order to address the needs of governance faster and better.

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Infor’s public sector solutions help simplify the overall management processes and government, and everything else follows after. Constituents’ needs are better analyzed and addressed through stored information, while systems integration facilitates coordination among various government offices.

The arranged information may thus act as tools for analyzing the needs of a community, and where in the heart of the matter lies. Infor’s system provides support at every level, from state and local governments to the federal government, and across several areas, including utilities, education, and regulatory agencies.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Charles Phillips: Enterprise software and the management of utilities

There is much at stake in managing utilities such as water and electricity. Charles Phillips’ company, Infor, has been creating enterprise software for holding down data in both high technology and linear production processes for private businesses. This time, the client is part of governance and needs to be the perfect picture of efficiency.

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Infor’s developed data system for administering Santa Monica’s water resources is a new step in the direction of the public sector. Called the Infor Public Sector Suite, the enterprise software that came into crucial use in the state of California is adapted to the management culture of federal states and government bureaus by being sensitive to resource maximization strategies, asset evaluations, expense listings, and cost minimizations.

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There is no doubt Charles Phillips and his team have worked with government before on other data management projects. But managing a utility as crucial as water requires a sturdier system that works around limited budgets. Infor also stresses citizen expectations on “accountability and transparency” as a motivating feature of the public sector suite, which increases the pressure on the software’s assistance in the accuracy of services and tracking budget appropriations.

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Organized data on citizens’ water consumption also clarifies strategies for future building projects and campaigns. Knowing zones of scarcity and overconsumption informs the manner the water servicing body engages with its end users.

Charles Phillips is the CEO of Infor, a reputed developer of enterprise software. Follow Infor’s projects here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charles Phillips: Complementing hardware with software

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The role of heavy equipment in today’s industries can never be underestimated. Software leader Infor, led by CEO Charles Phillips, has decided to invest in the development of products specifically for CAT dealers. This creation of new software made especially for hardware is recognized as a giant step in providing the equipment industry with the innovation it had needed for the longest time.

The equipment industry may be described as the hand that makes the rise and fall of industries possible. It provides the means through which infrastructure essential to business operations are both built and leveled. Infor’s investment will go a long way in ensuring that the equipment industry is better able to provide its services to more customers.

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After Charles Phillips became CEO, Infor noticeably changed its perspective toward one that is focused on product development. Its decision to invest in the development of new software for the equipment industry may be considered as an offshoot of this shift, and is anticipated to increase profits for CAT dealers through added control of equipment lifecycles.

Infor established a center for innovation in Stockholm, Sweden dedicated solely to the development of solutions for the equipment industry. It is composed of over 200 Infor employees employed in the areas of development, consulting, maintenance, support, and training. It also created the Infor CAT Dealership Advisory Council, a group led by dealers which will identify the most effective associated business processes that will provide maximum accessibility to a wide range of dealers.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Charles Phillips leads Infor to a new manufacturing world order

Charles Phillips has every reason to boast of Infor’s growth. The CEO of the famed maker of enterprise software oversaw his firm roll out a vastly improved Infor VISUAL, which has been the darling of heavy industries for systematizing operations.

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VISUAL is probably Infor’s best upgrade for the business system it has successfully marketed to those in the manufacturing, defense, aerospace, medical technology, and automotive sectors. The improvement makes good use of Infor10 ERP Express’s original platform, but collapses the multiple legs of business operations into a single, smooth software.

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Practically all-encompassing, Infor VISUAL offers lone installation for a range of manufacturing operations, including cost accounting and customer response. Charles Phillips should be feeling a ton of industrial weight on his shoulders as he manages Infor’s maintenance of VISUAL’s grand design.

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The sophistication of the software relies on a scheduling algorithm that works available data into prepared responses for end users. For instance, orders could be easily assessed for costs, availability of materials, available schedules for delivery, and others. The speed of computation results from a mastery of business operations’ statistics, and with extensive ground coverage, a single collapse of VISUAL could push large-scale manufacturing into a grinding halt.

With VISUAL, Infor continues to push the envelope of enterprise software.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charles Phillips: On business decisions that need system-wide integration

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As head of enterprise software giant Infor, CEO Charles Phillips is aware of the intricate webbing of every business decision. Since his company specializes in business application software that generates informed output for every process in the production chain, his company must run with the same precise mechanics.

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A good benchmark of Infor’s own organizational efficiency is top-notch service for its clients. As purveyors of enterprise systematization, Infor must also be in step with its own products and continually engaged with its end users. Its own in-house solution is simple: partner with a firm for consultancy services that will relay client feedback to Infor and in turn spot possible gaps within the system-wide coverage of Infor’s enterprise software.

Charles Phillips Image Credit:

Charles Phillips and his team at Infor recently partnered with Business & Decision (B&D), a company that offers Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) globally. It counts among its specializations performance management, data warehousing, business intelligence, and more. In behalf of Infor, B&D is tasked with recognizing the most appropriate software technology for specific industries comprising Infor’s portfolio of clients. Specifically, application of Infor’s enterprise software products such as Infor10 PLM Discrete and Infor10 Corporate Performance Management will be the focus of B&D’s oversight functions.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charles Phillips: Going places with partnerships

Charles Phillips heads Infor, the third largest ERP software solutions company offering enterprise and applications services for all types of businesses.

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Business today is never really complete without turning to computers for better organization, access, and information management. Enterprises that lean on integrated hardware and software solutions are the main clientele for companies like Infor, which offers applications specifically built for running a successful business. Infor operates in 194 countries and across a wide range of industries.

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But just like any of its clients who are prepared to create a productive partnership based on individual specialization, Infor derives much of its strength from strategic partnerships. Working with information technology companies whose hardware, software, and services complement Infor’s own suite of services, the company and its CEO, Charles Phillips, continue to provide its customers with their business needs.

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These partners are categorized into four types, based on their products’ lifecycle. The method allows the value of the solutions packages to increase. Among the firm’s partners are channel partners, solutions partners, complementary partners, and strategic partners.

Channel partners are those that handle the indirect sales of Infor’s channels. The global network allows Infor to reach its customers at a local level. Solutions partners are those that Infor partners with for industry-specific, specialized, and advanced technology areas.

Meanwhile, complementary partners are those that develop interfaces, support, and services through channel partners, and are provided with resources at Infor. Strategic partners, on the other hand, are those whose relationship with Infor is multi-faceted; they usually share tactical solutions regarding planning, design, and operations.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor sets the standard in business intelligence

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Charles Phillips’ Infor is recognized as one of the leaders in business intelligence applications in several sectors, prominently in healthcare. Its Lawson Healthcare suite is trusted by a large number of hospitals in North America, featuring advanced solutions related to analytics, visibility, and other forms of business-significant information. Recently, it has pushed the envelope with the Business Intelligence (BI) add-on module for its Lawson Healthcare Revenue Management, an enhancement set to establish a new grade in business intelligence solutions.

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The role of business intelligence in modern enterprises cannot be understated. In a corporate world rife with competition, and set precariously in a web of volatile factors such as the economy, business intelligence can prevent failure or prepare an entity for any incoming blow. Charles Phillips and Infor continue to uphold their goal of providing the necessary tools and applications that can help today’s enterprises gain an edge over loss and competition—the BI add-on module being their latest offering.

Charles Phillips Image Credit:

The said module is set to add new functions to Lawson Healthcare that will enhance its users’ experience and maximize the value of their software investment. The BI add-on module extends the analytic and reporting capabilities of the Lawson Healthcare Revenue Management suite, and simplifies complex revenue and billing data access using popular tools like Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer. This allows business analysts to create queries faster and without requiring IT assistance. Additionally, the module uses analytic cubes to store business rules in order to simplify common requests. It also separates reporting requests from the production system to reduce impact on processing and data entry.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor: Enabling healthcare insights

Charles Phillips leads Infor, one of the largest providers of enterprise applications and services to the world’s top aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, apparel, machinery, and financial services companies. The company also caters to state and local government agencies, providing them with industry-specific applications to help improve operations, and a flexible deployment options that allow them to run their businesses in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

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Infor provides healthcare professionals with analytic information about the industry with its Lawson Analytics for Healthcare service, which includes prebuilt data models to make business intelligence affordable to healthcare organizations of all sizes. The product provides the benefits of a major business intelligence project at a fraction of the cost and time, enabling customers to extract data from diverse applications.

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Through the Lawson Analytics for Healthcare Service, Charles Phillips and Infor help fill the information gap that is apparent in the healthcare industry - 44% of 700 healthcare professionals that were surveyed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS12) reported to have little or no access to analytic information. With this service, a hospital can see supply and drug expenses as a percentage of net patient revenue or compare productivity by department, analyze the total budget remaining on all ongoing IT projects, or find out if the organization is meeting its supplier diversity objectives. Data about healthcare-specific KPIs in financial management, labor productivity, project accounting, and supply chain can help healthcare organizations measure, improve, and monitor financial and operational performance.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charles Phillips: Helping keep the past for the future

From Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips may be gearing his and his customers’ company for the future, but he also helps preserve the legacy of the past. The Infor CEO takes part in the American Museum of Natural History’s endeavor to preserve and disseminate knowledge of time and civilizations long gone, and make them available for future generations.

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), found in Manhattan, is one of the largest museums worldwide. Established in 1869, it currently holds over 32 million specimens and employs a staff of more than 200 individuals. The museum sponsors over 100 field expeditions each year, and it receives up to 5 million visits annually.

Charles Phillips Image Credit:

Charles Phillips serves on the museum’s Board of Trustees, and helps support AMNH’s maintenance and operations. The museum showcases some of its collections in several exhibition halls, including:

  • Akeley Hall of African Mammals
This hall was named after Carl Akeley, its creator and designer. The exhibition features some of the results of Akeley’s African expeditions.

  • Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites
This hall contains some of the world’s finest meteorite specimens, including a section of the Cape York meteorite found in Greenland.

  • Harry Frank Guggenheim Hall of Gems and Minerals
This features a large number of unusual geological specimens.

  • Bernard and Anne Spitzer Hall of Human Origins
This hall presents an exhibition of human evolution, and features species such as Australopithecines and Neanderthals.

  • Fossil Halls
True to its name, this hall features fossils of ancient animals including dinosaurs and extinct mammals.

The AMNH also features a planetarium and a library which house some of the world’s greatest natural history collections. Additionally, it has several nature dioramas that attempt to recreate natural environments.

From Justin Sullivan, Getty

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor enhances ION

Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, is recognized in the industry for his capacity to tap opportunities to better his company’s products and services, and its relationship with its expanding clientele. In characteristic Phillips fashion, Infor recently revealed an enhancement in its Infor10 ION Workspace—an upgrade that combines the platform’s advanced capabilities with the immense potential of social media.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

The Infor10 ION Workspace is a true Infor revolution—an enterprise solution that allows users to see information they need and where they want to find it. With its personalized tools and unified interface, it augments the efficiency of work and makes decision-making faster.

In this year’s Inforum, an event spearheaded by no less than Charles Phillips, Infor announced the next generation of the ION Workspace. The platform’s latest evolution includes social media applications that users can take full advantage of to foster better communication within the company, and between the organization and its customers. These applications allow for faster relaying and sharing of information, opening opportunities for more effective and secure collaborations among the members of a company.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

With the next generation ION Workspace, users can create profiles, join groups and conversations, post updates and make comments on existing posts, and do a score of other activities commonly featured onpopular social media platforms. The ION Workspace offers users the advanced functionality characteristic of Infor’s products, set in the familiar environment of social media.

"Companies that deploy Workspace can hope to achieve levels of collaboration and communication never before seen in the workplace, helping them recruit and retain young talent, excite their workforce, and drive innovation and profitability," said Infor President Duncan Angove.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor financing through investment

For Charles Phillips, Infor faces certain and steady growth. Aside from the successful release of a slew of outstanding products over the last few months, Infor has also gained recent investments from two key equity investors, Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners. These investments are valuable in ensuring that Infor keeps itself in the path of developing software that ultimately benefits customers.

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Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners are recognized in the business world for helping enterprises attain their full potential through funding and investments. The two companies recapitalized Infor, facilitating the completion of its merger with Lawson Software and effectively securing its place as the third largest ERP vendor today.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

Charles Phillips of Infor said of the transaction, “We are deeply grateful for the financial backing from Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners, two of the most respected technology investors in the industry, who combined to invest more than $1 billion of equity to support Infor’s merger with Lawson.”

The transaction also allowed Infor to refinance its debt capital structure, reducing its total debt by $600 million, and extending its debt financing with a maturity date of 2018. The new developments and the company’s recent trajectory all point to an increased value for Infor’s customers.

Photo Credit: Charles Phillips

Indeed, Infor puts all the support it gets to good use. The company added more than 600 new developers to its roster—a magnitude rarely seen in any software company. This was done in order to develop more industry-specific software that delivers excellent results that are characteristic of an Infor product.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Charles Phillips: Collaborating for expansion

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In business, growth is the name of the game—either a company stays in the middle, or strives to make it to the top. Over the last few months, Charles Phillips has led Infor through a series of collaborations that marked the ERP vendor’s expansion of its already vast portfolio—a good development for both the company and its customers.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

Infor may have been among the top of the industry per se, but for some analysts, it was its acquisition of HCM leader Lawson Software that effectively sealed its place as a true ERP vendor elite. Indeed, making good use of Lawson’s technology, Infor created Infor HCM, a software suite that is counted among the best to date. With its best-in-class applications and tools, it parallels employees’ work with a company’s business strategies and goals. But Charles Phillips was just getting started.

Charles Phillips, as Oracle’s President, used his expertise and knowledge of the market to lead the company’s mergers & acquisitions strategy.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

To mark Infor’s commitment to help its customers get the most out of their software investment, the company organized Inforum 2012. The hype over the event had hardly abated when Infor announced its partnership with cloud computing leader to create Inforce. The new suite will combine Infor’s ERP and financing applications with’s sales and services tools, creating a powerful enterprise solution geared for effective customer relationship management.

Infor recently announced its partnership with systems integrator TriNET in marketing, implementing, training, and providing professional services for Infor10 ERP Enterprise. This will enable TriNET to work as an extension of Infor Consulting Services or ICS.

"In addition to its recently launched portfolio of truly innovative solutions, we were impressed with Infor's new partner program. We welcome the opportunity to support Infor in its growth ambitions for North America and look forward to expanding our long-term and fruitful partnership," said Dill Sanghera, TriNET’s President and CEO.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan. Getty

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Up to speed for innovation: Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson customers, and industry luminaries in one event

Go Faster.

Speed is the unifying theme at Inforum 2012, the conference that will assemble Infor and Lawson customers for the first time, and present Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson C-level executives, corporate sponsors, and a symbol on one stage.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

Through the convention, the two companies behind the three-day event will channel their vision, product direction, and commitment to innovation to help others in the industry expand their market and profitability. Over 600 education sessions, product labs, and the expo hall await the attendees. Demos, experts, and roadmaps will converge to help the guests learn how to charge to the future.

Charles Phillips, as the billboards and videos show, will lead the two-day exclusive, invitation-only Executive Forum which will roll simultaneously with the mother event.

One of the main driving forces at Inforum 2012 is the game plan to keep things up to speed within Charles Phillips’ Infor and Lawson, its relatively recent acquisition. Letting the fast pace rub off on companies in their customer base is one of the end zones the promoters are running the show for.

Mainly in store for the participants are the following:

  • Keynote presentation by Charles Phillips, who from his Oracle days has made a slew of major acquisitions that has helped the firm move forward  
  • Industry luminaries gracing the event, led by Marc Benioff of
  • A display of quality and speed through the Ferrari Formula One Show Car, which also provides photo op and Grand Prix tickets
  • Customer recognition through the Excellence in Action Awards

From Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, is one to promote vision, innovation, and speed within his company. Now, through Inforum 2012, Infor and Lawson clients’ time to catch on has come. More information about Inforum 2012 can be accessed here.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Charles Phillips affair: Addressing the complex company

From Justin Sullivan, Getty

One of CEO Charles Phillips’ affairs is making sure that Infor’s products address its clients’ needs. Companies often run on very complex schemes, and Infor must provide solutions and applications that can keep up with the intricacies of business organizations. So far, Infor’s status as one of the largest ERP providers in the world proves that it has succeeded at building software that do just that.

The demands and developments of modern times have paved the way for extremely complex companies. Business has gone beyond national, and not a few companies engage in transactions with their counterparts from other countries. Maintaining such a complicated web takes the power of computers, combined with sophisticated software and tools.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

To lead one of the world’s largest ERP providers, it is a Charles Phillips’ affair to come up with software that can perform the complicated tasks demanded by today’s organizations. Infor does this by providing applications developed to fit a specific industry or business. Infor’s products are designed to suit the minutest needs of their users.

"The success of Infor’s products may be said as Charles Phillips’ billboard of accomplishments. The release of Infor10 last year was much anticipated by both software enthusiasts and company owners alike."

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

This rule applies even to Infor’s newest product offerings. Infor10, for example, features speed and best-in-class applications. But it also comes in specific suites that cater to several industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, fashion, healthcare, and the public sector among others. This emphasis on particularity of function has made Infor a reliable source of thorough solutions for many companies.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor's culture of speed

Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, understands that in a sector as competitive as technology, what a company needs to excel is more than just products that deliver results, but a culture that is able to cope with the fast pace of business.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

Infor is currently among the top software companies in the world. Recently, it released Infor10, its newest product line anticipated to revolutionize business with its set of innovative and sophisticated features. Fusing mobile technology with best-in-class applications and speed, Infor10 is seen as the future of business software, allowing users to accelerate operations to keep up with the ever increasing velocity of commerce.

From Charles Phillips

For Charles Phillips, Infor’s position in the industry places it in the heat of the competition. But for him, Infor’s edge over its considerably larger competitors is its corporate culture that may be summed up in its new slogan, “Survival of the fastest.” Indeed, Charles Phillips, its CEO, fosters a zeal for speed and continuous motion among the members of his company.

Charles Phillips and his wife, together with two friends, established the Phillips Charitable Organizations to help aspiring minority engineers finish their studies and give assistance to poor single mothers.”

“It is a core value for us, and our mantra, internally and externally,” Phillips said.

From Charles Phillips

Infor not only helps its customers by providing software applications that will help them run faster but also makes sure that it answers its clients’ concerns promptly and solves their problems. Additionally, Infor takes steps to make decision-making faster and to lessen bureaucracy, enabling it to respond more quickly.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor’s finest revealed

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

Featuring mobile accessibility, smooth product integration, and a user-friendly interface, Infor10 represents a new development in the company’s product roster. Working behind the scenes prior to the release, Charles Phillips, Infor’s new CEO, has been bringing the company toward a new direction, reflected entirely in the new brand.

The new product line, Infor10, boasts of a middleware layer that, while limited in scope, offers fast, smooth integration among the products in its roster—the first in the history of Infor. This striking first feature is part of the company’s efforts to move away from its holding company image and provide its clients with more innovative solutions.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit:

The middleware layer allows the industry-specific suites in the Infor10 to remain unique while remaining integrated; the company believes that integrations should be part of the application, not the implementation. The programs are provided with a new, user-friendly interface (Workspace) and mobile accessibility through smart phones (Infor10 Motion).

From Charles Phillips

Steered by Charles Phillips, Infor’s new direction aims to provide its clients with faster, more efficient solutions that don’t need to rely on doing something over multiple platforms; as Phillips puts it, “You build it once.” This is the case with Infor10, which not only is considerably smaller as a result (as it comes in 3 CDs) but also is considerably faster and easier to use.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor: Changing from within

The enterprise software industry is marked by the need for constant innovation. Now headed by its new CEO, Charles Phillips, Infor is poising itself toward the top. The company must now equip itself with the necessary internal organization to ensure superior products and performance in the face of the competition.

From Charles Phillips Photos

Once the highly acclaimed president of Oracle, Charles Phillips has remained low-key since his arrival at Infor. Although he continues to plan out acquisitions, Phillips has devised a different strategy based on what he has seen from within the company. His main focus is research and development, which has yet to realize its full potential from within.

From Charles Phillips Photos

For Phillips, the gameplay for Infor is mainly internal. Reassigning more of the resources toward products and R&D and away from other functions is the first order of business for Charles Phillips. Infor is also set to move to the Silicon Alley of New York City, and reposition itself to also adopt a software-as-a-service (SaaS) policy. Under this new framework, Phillips would turn his attention to acquisitions, foregoing the “splashy” billion-dollar ones done by Oracle and SAP in favor of compatible albeit smaller SaaS-based companies.

From Charles Phillips Photos

These changes are among many that Charles Phillips has in store for Infor in the coming months. More information on Charles Phillips and Infor is available on Twitter.