Friday, March 30, 2012

Charles Phillips: Collaborating for expansion

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In business, growth is the name of the game—either a company stays in the middle, or strives to make it to the top. Over the last few months, Charles Phillips has led Infor through a series of collaborations that marked the ERP vendor’s expansion of its already vast portfolio—a good development for both the company and its customers.

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Infor may have been among the top of the industry per se, but for some analysts, it was its acquisition of HCM leader Lawson Software that effectively sealed its place as a true ERP vendor elite. Indeed, making good use of Lawson’s technology, Infor created Infor HCM, a software suite that is counted among the best to date. With its best-in-class applications and tools, it parallels employees’ work with a company’s business strategies and goals. But Charles Phillips was just getting started.

Charles Phillips, as Oracle’s President, used his expertise and knowledge of the market to lead the company’s mergers & acquisitions strategy.

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To mark Infor’s commitment to help its customers get the most out of their software investment, the company organized Inforum 2012. The hype over the event had hardly abated when Infor announced its partnership with cloud computing leader to create Inforce. The new suite will combine Infor’s ERP and financing applications with’s sales and services tools, creating a powerful enterprise solution geared for effective customer relationship management.

Infor recently announced its partnership with systems integrator TriNET in marketing, implementing, training, and providing professional services for Infor10 ERP Enterprise. This will enable TriNET to work as an extension of Infor Consulting Services or ICS.

"In addition to its recently launched portfolio of truly innovative solutions, we were impressed with Infor's new partner program. We welcome the opportunity to support Infor in its growth ambitions for North America and look forward to expanding our long-term and fruitful partnership," said Dill Sanghera, TriNET’s President and CEO.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Up to speed for innovation: Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson customers, and industry luminaries in one event

Go Faster.

Speed is the unifying theme at Inforum 2012, the conference that will assemble Infor and Lawson customers for the first time, and present Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson C-level executives, corporate sponsors, and a symbol on one stage.

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Through the convention, the two companies behind the three-day event will channel their vision, product direction, and commitment to innovation to help others in the industry expand their market and profitability. Over 600 education sessions, product labs, and the expo hall await the attendees. Demos, experts, and roadmaps will converge to help the guests learn how to charge to the future.

Charles Phillips, as the billboards and videos show, will lead the two-day exclusive, invitation-only Executive Forum which will roll simultaneously with the mother event.

One of the main driving forces at Inforum 2012 is the game plan to keep things up to speed within Charles Phillips’ Infor and Lawson, its relatively recent acquisition. Letting the fast pace rub off on companies in their customer base is one of the end zones the promoters are running the show for.

Mainly in store for the participants are the following:

  • Keynote presentation by Charles Phillips, who from his Oracle days has made a slew of major acquisitions that has helped the firm move forward  
  • Industry luminaries gracing the event, led by Marc Benioff of
  • A display of quality and speed through the Ferrari Formula One Show Car, which also provides photo op and Grand Prix tickets
  • Customer recognition through the Excellence in Action Awards

From Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, is one to promote vision, innovation, and speed within his company. Now, through Inforum 2012, Infor and Lawson clients’ time to catch on has come. More information about Inforum 2012 can be accessed here.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Charles Phillips affair: Addressing the complex company

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One of CEO Charles Phillips’ affairs is making sure that Infor’s products address its clients’ needs. Companies often run on very complex schemes, and Infor must provide solutions and applications that can keep up with the intricacies of business organizations. So far, Infor’s status as one of the largest ERP providers in the world proves that it has succeeded at building software that do just that.

The demands and developments of modern times have paved the way for extremely complex companies. Business has gone beyond national, and not a few companies engage in transactions with their counterparts from other countries. Maintaining such a complicated web takes the power of computers, combined with sophisticated software and tools.

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To lead one of the world’s largest ERP providers, it is a Charles Phillips’ affair to come up with software that can perform the complicated tasks demanded by today’s organizations. Infor does this by providing applications developed to fit a specific industry or business. Infor’s products are designed to suit the minutest needs of their users.

"The success of Infor’s products may be said as Charles Phillips’ billboard of accomplishments. The release of Infor10 last year was much anticipated by both software enthusiasts and company owners alike."

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This rule applies even to Infor’s newest product offerings. Infor10, for example, features speed and best-in-class applications. But it also comes in specific suites that cater to several industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, fashion, healthcare, and the public sector among others. This emphasis on particularity of function has made Infor a reliable source of thorough solutions for many companies.

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