Monday, October 8, 2012

Charles Phillips: Enterprise software and the management of utilities

There is much at stake in managing utilities such as water and electricity. Charles Phillips’ company, Infor, has been creating enterprise software for holding down data in both high technology and linear production processes for private businesses. This time, the client is part of governance and needs to be the perfect picture of efficiency.

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Infor’s developed data system for administering Santa Monica’s water resources is a new step in the direction of the public sector. Called the Infor Public Sector Suite, the enterprise software that came into crucial use in the state of California is adapted to the management culture of federal states and government bureaus by being sensitive to resource maximization strategies, asset evaluations, expense listings, and cost minimizations.

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There is no doubt Charles Phillips and his team have worked with government before on other data management projects. But managing a utility as crucial as water requires a sturdier system that works around limited budgets. Infor also stresses citizen expectations on “accountability and transparency” as a motivating feature of the public sector suite, which increases the pressure on the software’s assistance in the accuracy of services and tracking budget appropriations.

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Organized data on citizens’ water consumption also clarifies strategies for future building projects and campaigns. Knowing zones of scarcity and overconsumption informs the manner the water servicing body engages with its end users.

Charles Phillips is the CEO of Infor, a reputed developer of enterprise software. Follow Infor’s projects here.

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