Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor sets the standard in business intelligence

Charles Phillips Image Credit: lawson.com

Charles Phillips’ Infor is recognized as one of the leaders in business intelligence applications in several sectors, prominently in healthcare. Its Lawson Healthcare suite is trusted by a large number of hospitals in North America, featuring advanced solutions related to analytics, visibility, and other forms of business-significant information. Recently, it has pushed the envelope with the Business Intelligence (BI) add-on module for its Lawson Healthcare Revenue Management, an enhancement set to establish a new grade in business intelligence solutions.

Charles Phillips Image Credit: lawson.com

The role of business intelligence in modern enterprises cannot be understated. In a corporate world rife with competition, and set precariously in a web of volatile factors such as the economy, business intelligence can prevent failure or prepare an entity for any incoming blow. Charles Phillips and Infor continue to uphold their goal of providing the necessary tools and applications that can help today’s enterprises gain an edge over loss and competition—the BI add-on module being their latest offering.

Charles Phillips Image Credit: tnlug.org

The said module is set to add new functions to Lawson Healthcare that will enhance its users’ experience and maximize the value of their software investment. The BI add-on module extends the analytic and reporting capabilities of the Lawson Healthcare Revenue Management suite, and simplifies complex revenue and billing data access using popular tools like Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer. This allows business analysts to create queries faster and without requiring IT assistance. Additionally, the module uses analytic cubes to store business rules in order to simplify common requests. It also separates reporting requests from the production system to reduce impact on processing and data entry.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor: Enabling healthcare insights

Charles Phillips leads Infor, one of the largest providers of enterprise applications and services to the world’s top aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, apparel, machinery, and financial services companies. The company also caters to state and local government agencies, providing them with industry-specific applications to help improve operations, and a flexible deployment options that allow them to run their businesses in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

Charles Phillips  Image Credit: brothersoft.com

Infor provides healthcare professionals with analytic information about the industry with its Lawson Analytics for Healthcare service, which includes prebuilt data models to make business intelligence affordable to healthcare organizations of all sizes. The product provides the benefits of a major business intelligence project at a fraction of the cost and time, enabling customers to extract data from diverse applications.

Charles Phillips Image Credit: infor.com

Through the Lawson Analytics for Healthcare Service, Charles Phillips and Infor help fill the information gap that is apparent in the healthcare industry - 44% of 700 healthcare professionals that were surveyed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS12) reported to have little or no access to analytic information. With this service, a hospital can see supply and drug expenses as a percentage of net patient revenue or compare productivity by department, analyze the total budget remaining on all ongoing IT projects, or find out if the organization is meeting its supplier diversity objectives. Data about healthcare-specific KPIs in financial management, labor productivity, project accounting, and supply chain can help healthcare organizations measure, improve, and monitor financial and operational performance.

Charles Phillips Image Credit: thinkwinemarketing.files.wordpress.com

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