Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cyber warfare from the point of view of sophisticated software engineering

Apparently, not all software engineers are preoccupied with the creation of value-enhancing and globally competitive software. Programming sophistication could be commuted to more nefarious ends, and it has become an international phenomenon with large-scale repercussions.

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An investigative report from The Economist describes how cyber-warfare has reached the annals of mainstream politics, not just in the United States but in states with which it is in loggerheads. Since 9/11, cyberterrorism has been a concern in countries with sophisticated intelligence units, and it is no secret that their defense programs have tactically migrated both defensive and offensive measures online.

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The scale of cyber-attacks and warfare is massive, or at least, imagined to be. The dark side of the billion-dollar software industry profits from veritable information theft, sometimes for business and sometimes for state use. Classified data from intelligence units are used to deploy traumatizing attacks with real casualties. Big businesses are hacked for their R&D secrets. And a very real and yet virtual trade in information exists over the Web, one that requires an insider’s knowledge of the labyrinth of programming language that gets the profitable goods.

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Accusations on the role of software engineers in spreading worldwide terror mostly issue from Western countries. China and Russia are depicted with armies of computer-savvy havoc-wreakers threatening apocalypse by the mouse click. But any country used as a home base for producing some of the most sophisticated software in the world should know whether such scenarios are hysteria or not.

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