Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charles Phillips: On business decisions that need system-wide integration

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As head of enterprise software giant Infor, CEO Charles Phillips is aware of the intricate webbing of every business decision. Since his company specializes in business application software that generates informed output for every process in the production chain, his company must run with the same precise mechanics.

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A good benchmark of Infor’s own organizational efficiency is top-notch service for its clients. As purveyors of enterprise systematization, Infor must also be in step with its own products and continually engaged with its end users. Its own in-house solution is simple: partner with a firm for consultancy services that will relay client feedback to Infor and in turn spot possible gaps within the system-wide coverage of Infor’s enterprise software.

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Charles Phillips and his team at Infor recently partnered with Business & Decision (B&D), a company that offers Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) globally. It counts among its specializations performance management, data warehousing, business intelligence, and more. In behalf of Infor, B&D is tasked with recognizing the most appropriate software technology for specific industries comprising Infor’s portfolio of clients. Specifically, application of Infor’s enterprise software products such as Infor10 PLM Discrete and Infor10 Corporate Performance Management will be the focus of B&D’s oversight functions.

Charles Phillips heads Infor, a business application solutions company headquartered in New York. For more information, visit

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charles Phillips: Going places with partnerships

Charles Phillips heads Infor, the third largest ERP software solutions company offering enterprise and applications services for all types of businesses.

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Business today is never really complete without turning to computers for better organization, access, and information management. Enterprises that lean on integrated hardware and software solutions are the main clientele for companies like Infor, which offers applications specifically built for running a successful business. Infor operates in 194 countries and across a wide range of industries.

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But just like any of its clients who are prepared to create a productive partnership based on individual specialization, Infor derives much of its strength from strategic partnerships. Working with information technology companies whose hardware, software, and services complement Infor’s own suite of services, the company and its CEO, Charles Phillips, continue to provide its customers with their business needs.

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These partners are categorized into four types, based on their products’ lifecycle. The method allows the value of the solutions packages to increase. Among the firm’s partners are channel partners, solutions partners, complementary partners, and strategic partners.

Channel partners are those that handle the indirect sales of Infor’s channels. The global network allows Infor to reach its customers at a local level. Solutions partners are those that Infor partners with for industry-specific, specialized, and advanced technology areas.

Meanwhile, complementary partners are those that develop interfaces, support, and services through channel partners, and are provided with resources at Infor. Strategic partners, on the other hand, are those whose relationship with Infor is multi-faceted; they usually share tactical solutions regarding planning, design, and operations.

More information about Charles Phillips and Infor may be found on this Twitter page.