Thursday, April 25, 2013

Infor Customer Support bags Confirmit ACE award for the fifth time

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Infor’s commitment to outstanding customer support has been validated for the fifth time by the Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award. The award recognizes customer-focused companies that demonstrate exceptional use of feedback processes to improve operations, client experience, and revenue growth.

Forty-five organizations have earned Confirmit’s recognition and Charles Phillips’ Infor rises from the roster as one of the multi-year winners of the ACE award. For five consecutive years, Infor has proven not only its effectiveness in the application of feedback processes to generate positive results, but also the level of importance it places on providing customers with highly customized and proactive services and products.

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Henning Hansen, president and CEO of Confirmit, describes Infor as a customer excellence leader that clearly understands the criticality of customer feedback in helping businesses in competitive industries satisfy and retain customers and in enforcing business change.

Infor is able to live out such image through the Xtreme Support program, which functions as a hard-working dynamic hub connecting the company to its customers. Born out of Charles Phillips’ commitment to software excellence, the program leverages its four key characteristics—specialized, personalized, proactive, and accountable—to go further beyond reactive problem resolution and software upgrades.

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Infor understands that speed and quality of information are of the essence in resolving issues. Xtreme Support is built to promptly respond to customers’ issues with information based from Infor’s proven industry knowledge and expertise.

Infor delivers proactive incident support and resolution to its customers 24 hours, seven days a week. Visit this website to learn more about Xtreme Support.

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