Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In fashion: How Infor’s business software applications are helping the fashion industry

Trends come and go, especially when it comes to fashion. Last year, perspex shoes and peplum skirts made waves; this year, fancy boat shoes and chambray shirts are flocking boutiques. Clothing and footwear manufacturers are trying to catch up with the constantly changing market demands, and to aid them in creating and getting their products to the market is Infor Fashion.

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It may seem like a world of glitz and glamor, but fashion is serious business that involves a very complex supply chain. A suite of software products specifically designed for companies producing style-based products, Infor Fashion helps fashion houses manufacture more products and deliver them to the market quicker than their competitors. Created by professionals with decades of experience in the industry of apparel-making, Infor’s business apps streamline all aspects of the supply chain – from designing and developing clothes to sourcing, producing, and distributing them. Brand owners, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers all benefit from this software suite.

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 With the help of Infor Fashion, business processes become:

Organized. Through role-based dashboards, companies can do business on a single screen – there’s only one place to go to for all information needed.

Mobile. Business processes continue even outside the office with the help of Infor’s mobile apps for tablets and smartphones.

Connected. Because of Infor’s ION technology, connectivity between all the existing applications is simplified.

Reliable. Infor Fashion offers powerful role-based reports and fashion-specific business intelligence from a single, reliable source.

Social. Equipped with social collaboration capabilities, Infor Fashion lets a company’s employees work in a community of shared interests, allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

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Over 1,100 apparel and footwear companies are enjoying the benefits of using Infor’s products. With Infor Fashion, creating trendy fashion pieces has never been easier and faster.

Under the leadership of Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, the company continues to provide various industries, including the world of fashion, with business applications designed to unify their processes. Learn more about the Infor Fashion advantage here.

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