Thursday, April 4, 2013

Infor announces agreement to buy learning technologies provider CERTPOINT

Infor, the world’s third largest provider of enterprise technologies and services, and CERTPOINT Systems Inc., a global leader in learning technologies, come together to set the bar on innovating Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies.

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Appearing to be an amalgamation like no other, the agreement allows Infor to leverage the power of learning management systems as a major component of its HCM suite. With the newly integrated HCM solution, companies can educate and train their employees, partners, and customers using innovative educational platforms. The learning management solutions were engineered by the UAE-based Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT) and Vuepoint, which joined together in 2007 to create CERTPOINT, a global enterprise dedicated to helping employees “manage their own personal learning and development using both formal and informal learning.”

Ara Ohanian, CERTPOINT’s chief executive officer, is optimistic of the sell-out, implying that the companies’ combined strengths and culture of innovation and business impact make for a solid foundation for crafting top-of-the-line HCM technology that helps companies transform knowledge into tangible business outcomes and reach breakthrough performance.

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The acquisition of CERTPOINT is a provocation that Infor intends to be “atop the leaderboard of SaaS Enterprise HCM solution providers” under the leadership of software maker extraordinaire Charles Phillips.

HCM growth is foremost on Charles Phillips’s agenda as Infor’s CEO. Visit this Facebook page to know how HCM technologies can improve companies’ operational capabilities.

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