Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor's culture of speed

Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, understands that in a sector as competitive as technology, what a company needs to excel is more than just products that deliver results, but a culture that is able to cope with the fast pace of business.

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Infor is currently among the top software companies in the world. Recently, it released Infor10, its newest product line anticipated to revolutionize business with its set of innovative and sophisticated features. Fusing mobile technology with best-in-class applications and speed, Infor10 is seen as the future of business software, allowing users to accelerate operations to keep up with the ever increasing velocity of commerce.

From Charles Phillips

For Charles Phillips, Infor’s position in the industry places it in the heat of the competition. But for him, Infor’s edge over its considerably larger competitors is its corporate culture that may be summed up in its new slogan, “Survival of the fastest.” Indeed, Charles Phillips, its CEO, fosters a zeal for speed and continuous motion among the members of his company.

Charles Phillips and his wife, together with two friends, established the Phillips Charitable Organizations to help aspiring minority engineers finish their studies and give assistance to poor single mothers.”

“It is a core value for us, and our mantra, internally and externally,” Phillips said.

From Charles Phillips

Infor not only helps its customers by providing software applications that will help them run faster but also makes sure that it answers its clients’ concerns promptly and solves their problems. Additionally, Infor takes steps to make decision-making faster and to lessen bureaucracy, enabling it to respond more quickly.

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