Monday, January 23, 2012

Charles Phillips and Infor: Changing from within

The enterprise software industry is marked by the need for constant innovation. Now headed by its new CEO, Charles Phillips, Infor is poising itself toward the top. The company must now equip itself with the necessary internal organization to ensure superior products and performance in the face of the competition.

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Once the highly acclaimed president of Oracle, Charles Phillips has remained low-key since his arrival at Infor. Although he continues to plan out acquisitions, Phillips has devised a different strategy based on what he has seen from within the company. His main focus is research and development, which has yet to realize its full potential from within.

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For Phillips, the gameplay for Infor is mainly internal. Reassigning more of the resources toward products and R&D and away from other functions is the first order of business for Charles Phillips. Infor is also set to move to the Silicon Alley of New York City, and reposition itself to also adopt a software-as-a-service (SaaS) policy. Under this new framework, Phillips would turn his attention to acquisitions, foregoing the “splashy” billion-dollar ones done by Oracle and SAP in favor of compatible albeit smaller SaaS-based companies.

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These changes are among many that Charles Phillips has in store for Infor in the coming months. More information on Charles Phillips and Infor is available on Twitter.

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