Sunday, January 15, 2012

Effective management: Charles Phillips’ mistress in the corporate world

A skill for management is, for former members of the U.S. Marines like Charles Phillips, a mistress that would continue to linger for some time. Phillips attributes his flair for management to his military background; a former Marine captain himself, Charles Phillips continues to embody the values initiative, integrity, tact, and decisiveness, and apply them in his new arena.

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The commitment that the U.S. Marines have in their values is renowned the world over. His time with the Marines has allowed him to carry on these values, which have indeed proved remarkably useful in the corporate world. The marine at heart had wowed the enterprise software industry with a surprising level of management competence for having propelled the once-obscure company Oracle toward the top of the industry.

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For Charles Phillips, a mistress in management has proven to be an affair to remember. His time at Oracle had been marked by an aggressive campaign for expansion, which gained him a reputation for efficiency, swiftness, and effectiveness. Now the CEO of Infor, Phillips plans to continue and top his success at Oracle, aiming to live up to the company’s attitude for constant innovation and to make it the third player in the enterprise software industry.

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An almost military-like efficiency is the hallmark of the companies under Charles Phillips’ wing. Learn more about Charles Phillips and his mistress in effective management on Twitter.

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