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Charles Phillips on Conquering China’s Economy: A Game Plan

The world has witnessed the further awakening of Asia’s Dragon Economy: China. But Infor CEO Charles Phillips, together with a motley crew of American business leaders, has looked more closely at the state’s economic systems and entrepreneurial methods. Together, they have pledged long-term commitment and accountability to the country, thereby allowing them to penetrate its markets.

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In flashback, this string of events caused the convergence of industry leaders in the China-US Business Leaders Forum last April 7, 2011. Business Technology maven Charles Phillips was present to pitch Infor’s game plan into the technology sector’s roundtable discussions.

For over a decade, the mid-market enterprise software vendor has been providing software solutions to over 2,000 enterprises in the region, many of whom have been Infor’s loyal customers. Charles Phillips and the China team have collaborated with the local IBM in launching bundled solution for Infor WMS, ERP for the Auto industry, and SunSystems within IBM x-series.

The firm has also forged a tight alliance with China’s Polytechnic University and Shangdong University Software College to render software solutions for pedagogic purposes.

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With the once-sleeping Dragon’s financial state coming to life, Infor Solutions has been wont to leverage its market trends and drivers, including the 12th Five-Year plan passed to the NPC in March 2011. This evolving roadmap has been revamped to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating “advanced manufacturing” technology in the Mainland and all its territories.

CEO Phillips elaborated on these and other significant points—such as operations, customers, challenges, and keys to success—during his talk at the Forum.

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