Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stepping Stones? Charles Phillips and Oracle’s Major Acquisitions

When Oracle had gone on a stunning acquisition spree since 2003, the man who worked at the forefront, or sometimes behind the scenes, was Charles Phillips.

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Integrity, top line performance, and Wall Street acclaimed analytical skills construct the man whose name has become a brand in the software industry. Even at the outset of his professional career, the elusive stars were bequeathed unto Mr. Phillips.

Oracle confided to the world upon his arrival that its executives lured the top enterprise software analyst from Morgan Stanley, where his brilliant actions were already making the rounds. The soft-spoken Charles, as his fame already merits recognition by first name, spurred Oracle’s gainful strategy during his second week on the job. This occurred when the world’s leading software company launched a hostile bid for PeopleSoft. Moving forward, Charles Phillips propelled the organization to hit at least a major $BB purchase annually. All in all, Oracle, at the helm of Mr. Phillips being the executive vice president for strategy, partnerships, and business development recorded 60 deals in 7 years.

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When Charles stepped out to become the successor of Jim Schaper, CEO of enterprise software vendor Infor, he did not leave his initiative and innovation where he left off. The surprising achievements this fiscal year of the 8-year-old solutions provider are attributed to Mr. Phillips. Members of the industry are expecting that this is just the beginning for the company. The Oracle acquisitions extravaganza may just be stepping stones to Charles. The mid-market firm must expect greater things to come.

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