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Charles Phillips: Helping keep the past for the future

From Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips may be gearing his and his customers’ company for the future, but he also helps preserve the legacy of the past. The Infor CEO takes part in the American Museum of Natural History’s endeavor to preserve and disseminate knowledge of time and civilizations long gone, and make them available for future generations.

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), found in Manhattan, is one of the largest museums worldwide. Established in 1869, it currently holds over 32 million specimens and employs a staff of more than 200 individuals. The museum sponsors over 100 field expeditions each year, and it receives up to 5 million visits annually.

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Charles Phillips serves on the museum’s Board of Trustees, and helps support AMNH’s maintenance and operations. The museum showcases some of its collections in several exhibition halls, including:

  • Akeley Hall of African Mammals
This hall was named after Carl Akeley, its creator and designer. The exhibition features some of the results of Akeley’s African expeditions.

  • Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites
This hall contains some of the world’s finest meteorite specimens, including a section of the Cape York meteorite found in Greenland.

  • Harry Frank Guggenheim Hall of Gems and Minerals
This features a large number of unusual geological specimens.

  • Bernard and Anne Spitzer Hall of Human Origins
This hall presents an exhibition of human evolution, and features species such as Australopithecines and Neanderthals.

  • Fossil Halls
True to its name, this hall features fossils of ancient animals including dinosaurs and extinct mammals.

The AMNH also features a planetarium and a library which house some of the world’s greatest natural history collections. Additionally, it has several nature dioramas that attempt to recreate natural environments.

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More information on Charles Phillips is available in this Facebook page.

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