Thursday, March 22, 2012

Up to speed for innovation: Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson customers, and industry luminaries in one event

Go Faster.

Speed is the unifying theme at Inforum 2012, the conference that will assemble Infor and Lawson customers for the first time, and present Charles Phillips, Infor and Lawson C-level executives, corporate sponsors, and a symbol on one stage.

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Through the convention, the two companies behind the three-day event will channel their vision, product direction, and commitment to innovation to help others in the industry expand their market and profitability. Over 600 education sessions, product labs, and the expo hall await the attendees. Demos, experts, and roadmaps will converge to help the guests learn how to charge to the future.

Charles Phillips, as the billboards and videos show, will lead the two-day exclusive, invitation-only Executive Forum which will roll simultaneously with the mother event.

One of the main driving forces at Inforum 2012 is the game plan to keep things up to speed within Charles Phillips’ Infor and Lawson, its relatively recent acquisition. Letting the fast pace rub off on companies in their customer base is one of the end zones the promoters are running the show for.

Mainly in store for the participants are the following:

  • Keynote presentation by Charles Phillips, who from his Oracle days has made a slew of major acquisitions that has helped the firm move forward  
  • Industry luminaries gracing the event, led by Marc Benioff of
  • A display of quality and speed through the Ferrari Formula One Show Car, which also provides photo op and Grand Prix tickets
  • Customer recognition through the Excellence in Action Awards

From Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, is one to promote vision, innovation, and speed within his company. Now, through Inforum 2012, Infor and Lawson clients’ time to catch on has come. More information about Inforum 2012 can be accessed here.

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