Monday, August 15, 2011

Charles Phillips: Affairs of excellence and innovation

From Charles Phillips

Standing at the helm of Infor Global Solutions is industry expert Charles Phillips, whose affairs and endeavors in the financial services and information technology arena has earned him a remarkable reputation in both industries.

Inspired by his father, who served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, Phillips completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy. After completing his training, he served with the United States Marine Corps. He was later promoted to the position of Captain as an IT officer.

From Charles Phillips

After leaving the marines, he entered Wall Street and joined prestigious financial services firm Morgan Stanley. During his stint at Morgan Stanley, Phillips completed his JD degree at the New York Law School. Charles Phillips’ affairs and pursuit for excellence was not to be confined to his profession. To further his knowledge, he completed his Masters in Business Administration at the Hampton University.

Recognizing Phillips’ extensive experience in financial services and his proficiency in information technology, CEO Larry Ellison welcomed Phillips into Oracle Corporation’s executive bandwagon in 2003. Phillips, who was Oracle’s EVP for Strategy, Partnerships, and Business Development then, was immediately promoted as the company’s President the following year.

From Charles Phillips

Employing his expertise in innovating software solutions, Phillips now leads Infor, a purveyor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) services and solutions. Infor currently ranks as the third largest provider of enterprise solutions in the world.

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