Thursday, April 12, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor financing through investment

For Charles Phillips, Infor faces certain and steady growth. Aside from the successful release of a slew of outstanding products over the last few months, Infor has also gained recent investments from two key equity investors, Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners. These investments are valuable in ensuring that Infor keeps itself in the path of developing software that ultimately benefits customers.

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Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners are recognized in the business world for helping enterprises attain their full potential through funding and investments. The two companies recapitalized Infor, facilitating the completion of its merger with Lawson Software and effectively securing its place as the third largest ERP vendor today.

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Charles Phillips of Infor said of the transaction, “We are deeply grateful for the financial backing from Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners, two of the most respected technology investors in the industry, who combined to invest more than $1 billion of equity to support Infor’s merger with Lawson.”

The transaction also allowed Infor to refinance its debt capital structure, reducing its total debt by $600 million, and extending its debt financing with a maturity date of 2018. The new developments and the company’s recent trajectory all point to an increased value for Infor’s customers.

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Indeed, Infor puts all the support it gets to good use. The company added more than 600 new developers to its roster—a magnitude rarely seen in any software company. This was done in order to develop more industry-specific software that delivers excellent results that are characteristic of an Infor product.

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