Thursday, October 6, 2011

A rundown of Charles Phillips' affairs in the IT and financial services industries

Charles Phillips’ affairs in the IT and financial services industries have been nothing but fruitful. His innate intelligence and aptitude for business and information technology and his military background have proven to be a deadly combination. Under his leadership, Oracle Corporation’s revenue growth tripled. He also played a major role in the firm’s successful acquisition strategy, including transactions with key players in the industry such as BEA Systems, Hyperion Solutions, and Siebel Systems. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and sits on the Board of Directors at Infor Global Solutions. The company is a leading provider of business software, servicing over 70,000 customers in 164 countries.

From Charles Phillips Photos

From Charles Phillips Photos

The success of Charles Phillips’ affairs in both the financial services and information technology industries may be attributed to his military background. Following the example of his father, he entered the United States Air Force Academy, one of the most selective colleges in the country, where he earned an undergraduate degree in computer science. Later on, he joined the United States Marine Corps, eventually achieving the rank of Captain as an information technology officer. His military background proved to be a great advantage to his career, and continues to serve him well in leading giant corporations and its numerous employees, as well as in executing brilliant strategies and in making crucial decisions.

From Charles Phillips Photos

More on Charles Phillips may be found on his Twitter page.

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