Monday, September 19, 2011

The CEO stint of Charles Phillips: A mistress he could afford his brain power, energy, and extended hours

From Day 1 the notorious hard worker Charles Phillips, whose mistress is the midmarket software solutions firm Infor, has looked into the nook and cranny of the company whose vision and action marry his.

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On Day 2, a brief respite from the gains and losses in Q2 of the fiscal year, the chief executive was already dealing with a smorgasbord of obstacles and opportunities from the approaching quarter. Specific resources for each product team had to be mapped out. Sales execution must be optimized. It was all on Mr. Phillips’ shoulders to steer the company upon take-off, towards the new plans that had been laid out even before former CEO Jim Schaper named his successor.

This CEO tenure was the kind of job the man would never back out from; it can be even said of it as Charles Phillips’ mistress.

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A hundred days passed. Q3 closed with 17% increase in revenues and 24% in cash operating margins, and the big boss knew he has barely scratched the surface.

Mr. Phillips does not mind spending the 12th or 14th hour, or his absolute brain power, to conceptualize with the software market’s thought leaders—his own team of executives and employees. Some of their concepts already crossed over boardroom boundaries, having been launched into the market this year, such as Infor S&OP version 1.0, Infor WFM Workbrain and Infor CRM Epiphany Shopping Advisor, and Infor ERP.

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